Hello! My name is Amanda Schaub, and I'm a sucker for LOVE. I am a watcher, a seer of all things, so what better way to see but through a camera lens? I've been a life-long artist, but it wasn't until we started our family & I found how love could inspire my photography did I know my true passion. I have always loved documenting the moment, and when it came time to document the things I love beyond compare, my critically detail-orientated, dreamy and adventurous personality found its calling.

I am an on-location, natural light, fine art photographer. My style is warm, relaxed, inspired & artistic. As soon as you book a session with me, I am dreaming it up in my mind. What kind of light, location, even what clothes you should wear. My goal with each shoot is to capture the entire essence of you, your family, your children & your love in a series of snapshots. I have been so blessed to capture such special moments with my own children, and I thrive on being able to give that gift to other families. Memories of baby's first breath, smile, the way you looked into your husband's eyes while holding your new baby, and even the {in my opinion comical} face of a temper tantrum; Those memories that you will be able to look back on as if they were today for years and years to come.