What to Expect


You know what? 

I get it. It's tough to think of your kids behaving for a whole photo session, or that your husband will for that matter. This makes the thought of scheduling a portrait session a little intimidating, and almost stressful. I have the same thoughts when I take my own family out for photos. The fact of the matter is that the kids probably will run around like crazy people and your husband will be more concerned with making your kids happy than smiling for the camera. These things are not new to me. 

The best part about booking a session with a professional photographer is that you are paying me to worry about all those things for you. The first thing that happens once you inquire about booking a session is a sincere 'thank you' for considering me to capture special moments of you and your beloveds. It's such an honor that you like my art so much that you want to look at it for years to come. Next, we will obviously schedule a date for the shoot. Shooting times are offered either very early in the morning (we're talking sunrise) or late in the evening (just before sunset). I know that these times are sometimes inconvenient for babies and kid's schedules, but I assure you, getting the timing right during shooting truly makes a world of difference in the end result and it will be so worth any hassle that comes up the day of (in fact, you will probably forget all about it when you see your images). I also have a full studio in my home which is a perfect place for newborns and small children and can be used at various times during the day. A retainer is required to hold your day & time and is easily invoiced and paid via PayPal. 

Once we know when, we get to figure out where! This is my favorite part. I spend a decent amount of my "personal" time scouting gorgeous locations for sessions. It's something I cannot help. I have an adventurous spirit and I love seeing what is hiding behind the next bend. If you have a special location in mind, that is GREAT! I love capturing people in their habitat, and chances are if you love a place (home, town, park, etc) they will be more at ease and act natural. If you aren't quite sure of an exact place, that is fine! If you give me a few hints about yourselves, I know we can find something that screams YOU. Fees apply for travel exceeding 15 miles from 48322 zip. My studio is probably the most fun place to shoot especially if you like playing dress up! I have plenty of props and outfits for newborns and I am always adding to my stock. Coming in 2015, expect fully styled sessions for all kids under 5. 


At any time, if you have any ideas, no matter what kind, please, please let me know. I love input from you, it injects your personal style into my work even more. During our session, I will set you up and let you "pose" yourself naturally, and then direct from there. All I ask is that you show up with an open mind, happy face, and anything you can think of that we may want to use as a "prop." Blankets are great, I would say every client should bring a blanket that "speaks to you." Other fun things are: a child's favorite toy, or an heirloom of some kind, sunglasses, stools/ottomans, chairs - I love the idea of a vintage cushion chair in a field, or anything that may be an inside family joke or interest. I always say I would love to have too many options rather than none! I will bring a Jeep full of stuff along as well. For every shoot I will have my gear (camera, lenses, etc), a reflector (just in case), and a step stool along with any props I can see us using, blankets, and even hats and tiebacks most of the time. 

Once the session is complete, the real work begins. I will sort your images and post your first sneak on Facebook within a couple days of your session, and the remainder will be edited and uploaded to your online gallery in 2-4 weeks. While I edit, I will share a handful of photos for you to peek at while you wait.  At this point you can either order prints through the site, or purchase digitals of all your images.  

Probably the best thing about this business is the relationships I get to form. Returning customers will receive $25 off their next session, and referrals also give you the opportunity to save even more. I LOVE REFERRALS! Cool people know other cool people, and let me tell ya, I LOVE cool people! For each client that cites you as their referrer you will get $10 off the session fee! 5 referrals gets you a FREE digital download of all your images. 

Lastly, I want to say, I treat every photo as if it was my own. I would not put my name on subpar work, and I will not run your images through a batch processing program. I touch every single photo personally and custom edit each one. This is the service you are getting with Live to Love Photography, which is nothing but the best for every last client. <3